What are the alternative options for Pet Ashes after cremations?

Scatter the Ashes:

A common option after cremation, scattering your pet’s ashes can be a meaningful way to lay your friend to rest. It also allows your pet to be part of the natural world once again.

  • Sea burial is a common practice symbolic of freedom and peace. It can be a beautiful and cathartic memorial, especially if your pet enjoyed playing by the beach during their life. It is important to note that the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore only authorizes sea burials 2.8km south of Pulau Semakau.
  • Burial ground of ashes may be scattered on designated burial grounds at Mandai Pets Sanctuary. These sites offer a respectful and serene environment to lay your pet to rest and for future visitations.
  • In Singapore, pet ashes may be scattered on private property as long as they do not cause any biological harm to the people, flora and fauna around it. This is a viable option for those who want to keep their pets close, within the grounds of their private estate.

Have the Ashes placed in an Urn:

  • After cremation, you may bring your pet’s ashes home in a beautiful urn and display them somewhere special. This works best for those who have a safe and respectful part of the home to display the urn.

Convert the Ashes into Jewellery:

  • Converting the ashes into jewellery is a more modern albeit pricey option, allowing you to forever have a piece of your beloved pet with you. Ashes may be converted into gemstones at the Singapore Casket.
  • Customer may visit this page for more information about Keepsakes
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