What is the process of engaging our Pet Columbarium Services?

The loss of a pet is the loss of a dear friend. It is truly never easy to say goodbye. After a dignified farewell at a crematorium, you may wish to consider a final resting place for your faithful pet.

Call Us:

  • Please call us at 6232 6617 to let us know your preferred arrangements.

Placing Ashes in Urn:

  • Before laying your pet to rest at a columbarium, you will have to place their ashes in an urn after creamation.
  • Selecting an urn from Mandai Pets Sanctuary (for cremations done by us).
  •  For cremations done elsewhere, you may head down to our site with your pet's ashes to choose an urn to place them in.
  • For selecting an urn from elsewhere, you can still feel free to make columbarium arrangement with us.
  • Our address: 5 Mandai Road, Singapore 779391.

Selection of Columbarium Niche:

  • You will then be brought to choose your preferred columbarium niche.
  • Choose between different niche heights and sizes (regular and large).

Placing the Urn and Decorations in Niche:

  • You may then place your urn within the selected niche and decorate the space with various memorabilia.
  • Common decorations include photographs, written notes and your pet's favorite accessories, toys, and treats.
  • Your pet's name and a QR code will be printed on the niche.
  • You can use this to pay respects online or access memorable images and videos all at one place. 
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